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Did You Miss the Bottom?

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Park City Real Estate Market Turning Upward


The bottom of a market be it stock prices, commodities or real estate in Park City, Utah can really only be seen in hindsight. We can never be sure of the bottom until we look at it in retrospect and study the sales data. While we cannot yet call the bottom of Park City real estate prices, we can see definitive signs of the bottom.


Real estate sales in the second quarter of 2011 show a strong increase in the number of transactions. The 451 closed real estate sales in Park City for the second represent a 20% increase from the first quarter of 2011 and the best quarter since the fourth quarter of 2007.


The recent increase in sales in the area has been accompanied by a decrease in the number of newly listed properties in the Park City real estate market. So while demand is increasing, the supply is falling which should in time lead to an increase in pricing.


Park City Supply and Demand


While it may be too early to call the bottom of the market in terms of pricing, we may be seeing signs that some of the best deals are gone. It is kind of like that big sale at the store and we are in its last days. There are still good values to be found in the Park City real estate market, but there is far less to choose from. A good example of this may be the Promontory area of Park City: so far this year there have been 15 homes sold for under $1.5M that were not part of the “cabin” communities and only 10 remain in this price range. It doesn’t mean that there are no more deals to be had in the area, only that the remaining opportunities have been picked over.


There are other areas within Park City that show real estate values possibly finding their bottom as well as localized areas which have indicators pointing toward further price reductions. For information on specific buying and selling opportunities in Park City real estate contact a realty professional with