Oakley/Peoa/Weber Canyon

With beautiful properties and a stunning surrounding landscape, Oakley is an exquisite town that is perfect for family living! Bordering the nexus of Park City, Oakley is opening new doors to visitors thanks to its unique offerings, reasonably priced homes, and large resort properties that simply cannot be missed.

Oakley Homes for Sale and More

If you are looking for big and beautiful homes in a rural paradise, Oakley is the place for you. From log cabins to luxury condos, to large family homes and more, you wi??ll find everything you want here in beautiful Oakley! Better yet, you will find a wide variety of styles as well! Oakley real estate has classic log cabins built aside more modern housing, though both are luxurious and well worth the price tag. However, Oakley real estate is no??t the only reason buying a home here is a great idea.

Both Oakley and Peoa have origins as farm communities, even to this day you will see farmers; it's part of what gives it its charm. Imagine rural mixed with some resort get-away spice, pleasantly homely but not to the point where it gets drab. The area is large where you do not to be anywhere you dp not want to be, with plenty of diversity in views.

Things to Do near Oakley

Park City and the surrounding areas have a diverse climate, meanings you can experience a full four seasons worth of fun. Winter brings in the snow, which in turns brings snowmobiles and plenty of skiing and snowboarding (you are, after all, just a short trek to the gondola near Park City). Hiking, camping, and good old fashion exploring are also fitting activities to make this home on the prairie experience as enjoyable as you desire! Other nearby attractions you can experience include:

  • Sightseeing in Park City Proper
  • Some of the best restaurants around
  • Museums and history tours throughout downtown Park City
  • Easy access to all Deer Valley and Park City have to offer

Let YouInParkCity.com Help you Find your Oakley Home!

Oakley, near Park City, truly offers a sweet spot of seclusion and accessibility. With beautiful homes, a range of activities, and easy access to all that makes Park City great, we are sure you are going to love it here. Contact us today to learn more about Oakley Real Estate!




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