Park City Camping

Park City CampingThe Great Outdoors and You!

The smoky smell of a campfire, the taste of scalding hot coffee first thing in the cold, crisp morning, a dark sky filled with millions of stars; these are just a few of the many wonderful things you can experience when camping in Park City!  With incredible camp grounds, amazing cabins, and a variety of local areas that are just perfect for camping under the stars, the outdoor experience here is second to none!

Rent a cabin if you prefer a little more civilized style of camping, complete with comfy beds, fully stocked kitchens and the ever important bathroom!  Park your RV in one of our many RV parks that have complete access to shower facilities, Wi-Fi, pools and spas if you still want the thrill of camping out with a few luxuries you don’t always have at home.  Or, for the more adventurous camper, tent camping is the only way to go.  You can still camp at some of the local campgrounds and have access to all the facilities; or if roughing it is your style, there’s nothing nicer than pitching a tent, cuddling with your true love in a sleeping bag made for 2 and taking advantage of all nature has to offer. Trust us; when it comes to camping, Park City can’t be beat!

Park City Camping, Cabin Style!

This high elevation city can get very cold in the winter months, making outdoor camping impossible; so, if you are visiting during this time, instead of booking a sterile hotel room, why not consider renting an entire cabin?  A private LUXURY cabin, with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms and a private hot tub could bring your vacation stay to another level altogether!  Imagine sitting in the hot tub at night, the moon back lighting the majestic mountains, steam rising up into the cold night, your nose and cheeks chilled, but the rest of you is toasty warm.  It’s so quiet here at night and the stars are so much brighter than the ones at home…are you starting to feel like this should be home? 

Take your RV and Stay Awhile!

You’ve been driving for days, stopping only for the necessities, the landscape around you zipping by…and it’s time to park.  You’ve heard about Park City, famous for the Olympics and as being a venue for Sundance, why not make this the spot you land?  Park City Camping is at its finest in our many RV Resorts complete with riverside hookups, playgrounds for the children, pools for the warmer summer months and spas for the cooler nights.  Plug in your home away from home; unroll your awning, set out some lawn chairs and just chill.  Listen to the babbling brook that cuts across the Park City landscape and contemplate all of life’s mysteries.  You may not know all the questions, but you are beginning to realize that most of the answers start here.

Backpacks, Tent Poles, and!

So whether you prefer the luxury of a full cabin rental, or driving your vacation home is more your speed…or even if you find your bliss by strapping a tent to your backpack, lacing on your hiking boots and savoring the peace and quiet of a wilderness camping vacation, Park City is the destination for you!   No one knows the area better than we at…take advantage of our expertise!


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