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park city dining

Feelin’ Hungry?

There’s just something about the crisp mountain air that makes you develop an even bigger appetite than normal, don’t you think?  Combine that with the skiing, sightseeing, and hiking and biking, and well, food is the only thing you can think about right now!  Don’t worry, though, you will find some of the best restaurants in Park City. Everything from good old diner food that feeds the belly and the soul, to the exotic, haute cuisine that makes you feel as if you just stepped out of a Hollywood movie! 

Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day!

At least, that’s what they always tell us, right?  No worries, we have your breakfast needs covered…literally!  The No Worries Café & Grill located on Aspen Drive has the best breakfast in town!  In a building designed to look like a darling ski chalet, this local favorite satisfies the largest, and smallest of appetites, specializing in breakfast but serving lunch as well!  Your children will love the Moose Pancakes, a dish that is both yummy and fun, and the adults in your party will love everything else!  Now, for those of you who believe breakfast is not just meant for mornings, the Bridge Café on Main St serves breakfast all day!  Conveniently located at the bottom of the Town Lift, you can ski-in and ski out the front door all winter long! The Bridge specializes in American food with a Brazilian twist; sample their Brazuca Omelet or their Burrinho (breakfast burrito) for a spicy start – or end – to your day! 

Lunchtime in Park City

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then what does that make lunch?  Obviously, it’s the SECOND most important meal of the day!  Come midday, you find yourself slowing down, your feet are hurting from all the fun you’ve been having and breakfast, no matter how much you gorged yourself, is just a distant memory! Park your tired tootsies at a table in the Eating Establishment. One of the oldest restaurants in Park City, the Eating Establishment opened in 1972 and features moderate priced meals with large portions!  This is a family friendly restaurant whose motto is “We’re not good because we’re old; we’re old because we are good.” On really cold days, however, nothing warms your belly better than a bowl of steaming hot soup and no one knows this better than the owner of Uptown Fare on Main Street.  Only open week days, it’s not fancy, but the soups are unique and yummy!  Their Cream of Tomato with cheese tortellini soup is famous; a certain food channel cooking show host is rumored to have asked for the recipe on at least 3 separate occasions!

Dinner, Park City Style

Sometimes, the palate wants what the palate wants, and sophisticated foods served in elegant restaurants may just be what your stomach is craving.  Riverhorse on Main is a 4 star restaurant that serves eclectic food, and fine wines and without being stuffy and snobbish.  For those with exotic tastes, Riverhorse’s Roasted Bone Marrow with Braised Oxtail or Hand-Cut Buffalo Tartare might just be the delicacy you dream about long after you have returned home.  Finally, you can’t mention restaurants in Park City without acknowledging Yuki Yami Sushi, also located on Main St open evenings only.  With a full bar and sushi delicacies such the Bruce Lee Roy (spicy Tombo, avocado, shishito pepper, wagyu beef truffle garlic ponzu, crispy shallots and black sea salt) or Goat cheese tuna tataki,  you will feel like you stepped out of Park City and into a sushi house in Japan! 

Satisfy your Cravings in Park City!

Be it a late night diner snack or haute cuisine, we at can guide you to the best restaurants in Park City.  Consider us when making the big move or even if you are just investing in your future by purchasing a rental property…or just staying awhile at one of our resorts.  Either way, let us welcome you to the neighborhood!


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