Park City History

Park City History ToursPark City, Utah, originally named Parley's Park City, was founded in the mid-1800s and originally settled as a farming village.  In the 1860s, after the discovery of gold and silver, Park City became a booming mining town until the cost of silver dropped in the late 1950s, after which Park City became a ghost town. Park City continued in this state until 1963 when the first ski resort, Treasure Island, opened, saving this mountain village from extinction. Once again, Park City became a thriving community.  Today you can learn more about its humble beginnings by participating in one, or more, of the many history tours in Park City.

Historic Walking Tours

One of the best ways to learn about any city is to put on your walking shoes and explore the streets on your own, but it never hurts to have a guide in the beginning. Park City’s museum understands this and from June through September, offers a walking tour Monday through Saturday at two p.m. For about an hour each day, knowledgeable guides lead you through the town, painting pictures with words of what life was like when the streets were still dirt and horses, rather than cars, ruled the roads.  In addition to the walking tours, every June, the museum also sponsors a historic home tour where you examine the architecture of Historic Park City as you walk, learning the stories of those who lived before you.   Sightseeing in Park City gives you an insight in to life before all the luxuries we have today.

Another interesting – and spine chilling – tour you might want to consider is the Park City Ghost Tour.  For 75 minutes, you can hear the tales of the undead, as you visit the places the spirits met their demise, and maybe – if you're lucky – youcan spot one for yourself!  Bring your camera and take a chance that you might capture a glimpse of at least one of the ghosts from the 15 ghost stories that are told.

An Intriguing Mix of Old and New

For a little more in depth exploration of the history of Park City consider trying Salt Lake City Guided Tours Park City tour.  This 4 hour tour includes a drive through scenic Parley's, a tour of Park City’s pride and joy, Olympic Park and a drive through Deer Valley and Park City Mountain Resorts, along with a 3 mile gondola ride down the mountain!  You get to learn about the history of this mountain village during the gold and silver rush days and then get to explore today's Main Street with it's beautiful architecture, charming boutiques and fine dining establishments.  By the end of the 4 hours you will have learned more about Park City than a good percentage of today's residents!

Let Help You Find the Best things to Do!

Get to know everything there is about your new hometown through any of these history tours in Park City with  Without yesterday, tomorrow cannot be and we want to show you your future while explaining the past.  Park City Utah is town rich in history...wouldn't you like to have the chance to explore it?


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