Park City Spas

Park City SpasMoving into a new home can be a stressful time in your life, valuables are broken, the movers don’t show up when expected, your muscles and back start to ache from the strain of heavy lifting.  Your kids are squabbling, even your spouse is starting to get a tad annoyed, and you are beginning to think maybe staying in your old home was the wiser thing to do.  Close your eyes. Imagine you are in a room decorated in shades of white and tan. You sit down on the plush white sectional, a fire blazing in one of the two fireplaces in front of you, soft music is being piped into the room and you are wearing nothing but a snuggly robe, waiting for your name to be called.  Where are you? Have you died and gone to heaven?  Of course not!  You are in one of the many assorted Park City Spas, waiting to be pampered in the manner you so richly deserve…and so desperately need!

Indulgence at its Finest

The Waldorf Astoria in Park City is world renowned for being a hotel that knows how to take care of its guests, so it should come as no surprise that the dedicated staff in the Waldorf Astoria Spa is equally renowned for their talent of indulgence.  Offering every kind of service imaginable, from massages to wraps to facial peels to hair and nail services, The Waldorf Astoria  Spa dedicates itself to head to toe pampering…of you. Their Spa Indulgence Packages are highly recommended for a total body hedonistic experience! With them, you will float out of their establishment at the end of your treatment package; but please, don’t limit yourself to just the packages!  Visit them time and time again to experience all the Waldorf Astoria Spa has to off – your body will thank you!

Because you Matter

The sky is gray and dull, snow is falling softly to the ground but inside Align Spa, you are warm, cozy and coddled.  Feel the tension melt from your bones as you lounge in the soft robes provided, sinking deep into the leather couches, perhaps petting one of the spa dogs who is looking up at you with all the love its deep brown eyes can convey as you wait to be called to your massage.   Align Spa started small, but over the years has grown to what it is now, and soon will be expanding to Costa Rica!  Acupuncture, couples massage, chiropractic care are all offered here, as well as facials and body treatments.  Did you like the products used on you during your facial?  Buy it and other products in their shop at the end of your day! Spoils you!

We know you work hard and that you play hard too.  We know that when considering a move to a new place, you want it all.  And we at know how important you and your family are and as such, we dedicate ourselves to making you feel at home in your new hometown.  The aforementioned spas in Park City are just two of many available, come on home and try them out!


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