Shopping in Park City

Shopping in Park CityShopaholics Paradise

When discussing Park City, one can’t forget to mention a sport that is close to most women – and some men’s - hearts…the sport of shopping.   Nothing makes a woman’s heart beat faster than the thought of a new pair of shoes, nothing brings out a woman’s smile more than the vision of a new piece of bling, and nothing satisfies the soul more than the hunt for the aforementioned items! From artwork to souvenirs, from leather goods to bling with many carats you will find that shopping in Park City, especially on Historic Main Street; can nourish the soul of the most diehard shopaholic.

Art Lovers

With over 25 art stores and galleries on Main Street alone, finding that one piece that you’ve been dreaming of for years will be simple. If you’re hoping to find the latest and greatest of artists, you have to visit Gallery Mar, a gallery dedicated to supporting new and established artists while educating aspiring collectors. Does photographic art reach out and tug at your heart?  Check out Bret Webster Images at 312 Main Street and gain a new appreciation for the beauty of Mother Nature as shown by his astonishing photographs. Thomas Kearns McCarthey Gallery, also on Main Street, is famed for its Russian impressionistic art; here you can find historically significant paintings from the 1930s to the 1980s, as well as works from talented artists from other countries who paint in the Russian style.

Luxury on Main Street

For those who have a taste for the finer things in life, Park City is going to be your Utopia!  Winter time is a cold time, with highs averaging in the mid-30s and lows falling all the way down to under 10 degrees. So, why not report in to Norsk Leather & Fur for a beautiful new fur to help fight against the cold?

For an intimate shopping experience, Farasha Boutique offers enchanting women’s clothing designed  by up and coming fashionistas from the US and all over the world…Farasha may not have coined the phrase “investment pieces” but they have certainly made it their own! And finally, we bring you OC Tanner Jewelers, the premier jeweler on historic Main Street. Looking for a custom engagement ring for your blushing bride-to-be?  OC Tanner Jewelers will celebrate your love with a ring that no other bride will be able to buy, but all will envy.

And Finally…

We can’t end a piece about Park City shopping without mentioning Livin’ Life Park City, a boutique on Main Street that has a little of everything you could ever want.  Jewelry, home décor, unique gifts, artwork and more…where else can you find a buffalo for your table top made entirely of marble?  Livin’ Life, that’s where! knows the importance of living your life according to your own rules, and this little store on historic Main Street does too!  Contact us today to learn more about things to do in Park City Utah in the summer and beyond, and to see what Park City Shopping has in store for you!


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